What We Can Insulate

Every type of construction can be insulated using USA Premium Foam. From brick to block, wood and shingle, even those homes that have aluminium or vinyl siding. There is nothing that we cannot effectively insulate. It can also provide a barrier within basement walls from excessive moisture.

Take a look at the following types of construction and how we can insulate your home for you:

Wood and Steel Stud Walls Brick/Veneer Masonry CMU Block Applications
USA Premium Insulation Yes - READ MORE > Yes - READ MORE > Yes - READ MORE >
Cellulose Yes (Injected into cavity - slow process) No No
EPS Board Yes (Nailed to studs after wall torn out ) No Yes (Nailed to studs after wall torn out )
Fiberglass Batting Yes (Reinstalled after after wall torn out ) No No
Polyurethane Spray Foam Yes (Sprayed on after after wall torn out ) Yes (Sprayed on after after wall torn out ) Yes
Spray Foam House Insulation Spray Foam House Insulation Spray Foam House Insulation Foam Insulation

Wood and Steel Stud Walls

Our foam insulation can be used ideally for not only external but internal wood frame wall systems, steel and wood wall partitions. USA Premium Foam provides an R-Value of 21.4 and an STC rating of 53 when installed in a standard 2" x 4" wood frame wall, covered by 1/2 gypsum board.

USA Premium Foam insulation has undergone independent testing and received top recommendations, more than doubling fire-hour ratings on load bearing wall systems and on steel stud walls. Compared to other types of insulation products, such as polyurethane, fiberglass or urea formaldehyde, USA Premium Foam offers an upgraded fire-hour rating at an affordable cost, as there is no need for double layer gypsum board as part of the installation.

Brick/Veneer Masonry

If you are looking to apply our product as a retrofit then look no further. We have the means to foam insulate in between brick veneers and cement blocks that are already in place, with ease. We drill a small hole into the mortar and inject the foam into the wall itself, patching the mortar once the wall has been fully filled.

This system is less invasive than conventional installations and provides a reduction in infiltration through cracks and voids in your walls. This is a much cheaper application than conventional, more rigid, insulations to properties.

CMU Block Applications

The most effective solution to increasing thermal performance is to use the USA Premium Foam system for masonry block core-fill. We can double the thermal resistance to the existing structure and using a pressure filled method of installation it can easily be applied both during a build or post build.

It is a much more cost effective solution as you are not only reducing heat loss through the block, but also the mortar joints as well. This has not always been the case with conventional applications.

Attic Insulation

In every attic installation we only use formaldehyde free wool fiberglass. Our product is designed so that it can reach areas that in the past couldn't be touched, such as the high and hard to reach corners you find in any attic environment. We offer products that are non combustible and safe to install and to live with for a long time.

Spray Foam House Insulation
"We had three homes, and all three were insulated by USA Insulation. It's the best thing we have ever done. If we ever have to move we would do it again with USA Insulation."

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Spray Foam House Insulation