Premium Air Sealing by USA Insulation

The Need for Air Sealing


There are highways and channels of air located all the way through your property. You might not even realize that they are there. During the initial construction of any home, tradesmen leave openings to carry in and out materials from piping, electrical wiring, lighting and exhaust systems.

In the majority of cases, these channels of air were never correctly sealed before the interior was finished off and the project completed. Over time, this can cause a major leakage problem that can lose heat and energy from your home and allow air in from the outside.

Why USA Insulation Premium Air Sealing

USA Premium Air Sealing searches for these hidden switch leaks in your home and seals them, preventing any air from the outside gaining entry into your home, alongside condensation and pollution. The only way to reduce energy consumption is to ensure that the good air remains inside and no outside air is seeping in through the unnatural cracks and holes in your house. Once complete, the home will feel much more comfortable on a consistent basis, eliminating drafts and reducing consumption by up to 20%.

What about my existing insulation?

It doesn't matter about the current insulation products save energy in place as USA Premium Air Sealing works alongside any system to produce great results. Our trained engineers will simply remove the current insulation, fill in all the gaps, and replace the insulation before moving on.