Benefits of USA Premium Foam

Best Smoke and Fire Rating

USA Premium Foam is a Class 1 rated material against fires, rated at 5 for flame spread and 5 for smoke development. It does not produce any harmful emissions when it has been exposed to the direct heat of any fire.

This is the highest possible rating for an insulation product when being rated for both commercial and domestic use. It does not deteriorate as time passes. The quality remains intact.

Another safety aspect is that our foam produces no extra fuel in the event of coming into contact with fire, and once the source of the flame has been removed it will extinguish almost immediately.

Class 1-rated material against fires Flame Spread Smoke Development
USA Premium Insulation Yes 5 (lower is better) 0 (lower is better)
Cellulose - Loose Yes 10-25 0
The "Other" Retrofit Foam No 25 40
Rockwool - Loose No 5 0

* Approximate value. May vary based on exact product and installation.
** Based on an actual 2" by 4" stud.

Mr and Mrs Peck and their home
"We had three homes, and all three were insulated by USA Insulation. It's the best thing we have ever done. If we ever have to move we would do it again with USA Insulation."

Mr. & Mrs. Peck