Benefits of USA Premium Foam

Foam Wall Insulation

Higher R-Value than the Competition

Our R-Value rating is higher than any other product you can purchase to insulate your home. It is more than 30% better than cellulose, rockwool or fiberglass.

The higher the R-Value, the greater control you have over your environment due to the higher resistance against airflow and temperature movement. Compared to any other method of retrofit insulation, USA Premium Foam surpasses all of them, including spray foam insulation or blow-in insulation.

More of your wall will be filled to capacity with our product, with a higher density than other products. Compared to spray foam, rigid panelling and blown in insulation, you will find nothing for retrofit that compares to its resistance.

In comparison to other methods of insulation you will find no better. Take a look at the advantages compared to rigid panels, spray foam insulation and blow in insulation and you will begin to see how USA Foam insulation performs to a higher standard than all of them.

R-Value Per Inch R-Value in 2x4 Stud Wall
USA Premium Insulation 5.1 20.4 **
The "Other" Retrofit Foam 4.0 * 16 **
Fiberglass - Loose Blown 3.2-3.6 * 14 **
Cellulose - Loose 3.2-3.6 * 14 **
Rockwool - Loose 3.2-3.6 * 14 **

* Approximate value. May vary based on exact product and installation.
** Based on an actual 2" by 4" stud.

Spray Wall Insulation
"We had three homes, and all three were insulated by USA Insulation. It's the best thing we have ever done. If we ever have to move we would do it again with USA Insulation."

Mr. & Mrs. Peck


Foam Wall Insulation