Cavity wall insulation

Choosing the right cavity wall insulation contractors can sometimes be difficult. You want to make sure your cavity wall insulation contractor has the experience and know how to perform the job properly. You also want to choose the correct insulation product to go into your walls. Some wall cavity insulation contractors will use cellulose, a product which is made from ground up recycled newspaper to insulate your walls voids. The problem is this product will create a lot of excess smoke in the event of a fire. Cellulose (newspaper) insulation also settles a lot more than foam cavity wall insulation, and creates a too much dust. USA Insulation's cavity wall insulation contractors only use USA Premium Foam, which doesn't have these disadvantages. When choosing cavity wall insulation contractors, make sure the contractor is highly experienced in this field. USA Insulation has over 25 years of experience and has insulated over 30,000 homes, so when it comes to air sealing, insulating your walls with USA Premium Foam or using formaldehyde free fiber wool insulation for your attic go with the expert insulators at USA.

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